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Center of Intelligence


i have a strange story.

i grew up in a strange place. strange, in the light of everything i know, and learned, throughout my life.

[ + ]
swim team day 1


I like the word "fine". [ + ]
just before nicaragua

The Rule of Most Surprise

I love finding parallels between domain-specific professional practices and daily human behavior. There's just something so nice about cutting the expected clutter out of my interactions. [ + ]
almost 2014

4 AM

a late summer night

What is science

The world looks so different after learning science. [ + ]

Jonathan Blow

There's a very valuable movement going on. It has to do with treating video games as a platform for artistic delivery. And the most outspoken man who has this vision, Jonathan Blow, said: [ + ]
the day i got obsessed with Jonathan Blow

Coding wisdom from an immature amateur

Everyone is making lists so here is mine. [ + ]
early 2013

collective con(science)

Ngrams [ + ]
the day when i thought i lost my tweezers

"Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules."

Beautiful is better than ugly. [ + ]
second winter of twenty twelve

Dark room

An Arduino toy [ + ]
end of summer 2012

Korora fashion

January 2000: an oil spill near Phillip Island, Australia [ + ]
january '11


Pearls are formed by the mantle. [ + ]
few years ago