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Coding projects


A unique take on sound synthesis. Google featured it on Chrome Experiments.
Not sure if it's a toy, an invention, or an educational tool.
Works best on Chrome/Safari. View on Github

Tea Orbit

A location-based anonymous chat medium.
The goal is to make a zero-friction chat engine with no registration or signup.
Hint: there are no 404's on this site.


A minimalist image gallery plugin for jQuery.
Single file, does not require any additional CSS or image assets.
View on Github

Chord progression builder

The idea is to create a chord suggestion engine.
This is a simple framework to play notes and chords with HTML audio.
I also started building an HTML guitar fret to visualize chords.

Image morpher

Provides a web interface to choose morph points in two images.
Uses the input to create a .gif animation of the morph.
It is slow. EC2 micro instance is slow. Really slow.


A simple JS library to overlay a flat black layer on top of a web page,
in which only a small area around the cursor is revealed.
Makes any boring page feel mysterious.

CSS heartbeats

A small CSS demo with animations combined with a blur effect, using text-shadow.
Moving the cursor closer increases the heart rate.
It also makes use of CSS animation javascript events. (I believe WebKit-only.)


Shows bus stops, bus schedules, and bus routes.
Uses GTFS data. Built on Django.
Don't use it, the data is out of date.

Assorted amateur acrylics